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4DCulture is a multidimensional project, in which the knowledge and practices of different fields are combined in order to create a multilevel educational tool, inspired by the lessons of cultural geography, and the potential which lies within the new means of representation and interaction that VR technology can provide.

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and Europe-wide


Τhe project aims to lay the foundations which will allow, in the future, the creation of a pan-European cultural database containing multimedia data and interactive applications which will be associated with traditional dances and costumes. Also, the paradigm for a holistic educational method based on geography and state of the art technology. An online tool will be used for the purposes of education, information and entertainment – as a means of experiential learning – and it will be addressed to fashion designers, textile engineers, professional dancers and students, scholars of Europe’s recent history, and, also, to people of all ages who are interested in all these fields as amateurs.


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The main goal is to use state of the art technology as a means of reviving in a contemporary way cultural aspects of the past. The project’s outcomes are articulated in such a way as to assure a result which will respect the different cultures, have strong pedagogical virtues and, at the same time, provide users with an innovative experience. So, the project is about to follow a new pathway to the educational experience targeted to the sectors of textiles, dancing, history, folklore and ethnography by introducing the elements of motion and visualisation into a digital, multi disciplined learning approach.